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Could It Be Possible for us to LIKE Coleslaw?!

I have never liked coleslaw. Ever.

And believe it or not…neither has Matt, my easy to please husband who eats everything.

But for some reason a few months ago, I had a cabbage that I needed to do something with…so I experimented making coleslaw.

And I REALLY liked it. A LOT!!

When Matt got home for lunch that day, I was telling him that I had made coleslaw and that I was so excited about it! He kinda gave me a lopsided smile and looked at me like, “Seriously? You made coleslaw? And you want me to eat it?!” 

But of course since he’s so nice, he did eat it.  And guess what? He liked it too

So it seems that I have come up with a coleslaw recipe that we both like and will eat. We find it refreshing and great to eat with sloppy joes, hamburgers or BBQ chicken. 

Creamy ColeslawYum

½ medium sized cabbage
2 carrots
1 cup mayonnaise (I use Hain Safflower mayo)
2 T. red wine vinegar
1 T. honey
1 T. minced onion
sea salt, to taste

Place cabbage and carrots into food processor. Shred together. Pour cabbage and carrots into a mixing bowl. Set aside. In a small bowl, mix mayonnaise, vinegar, honey, minced onion and salt. Add mayonnaise mixture to cabbage and carrots. Stir until well combined and creamy.


I hope that even if you don’t like coleslaw…you’ll give this recipe a try! It’s a really yummy way to eat more raw veggies! (And if Matt and I like it and eat it…that’s really saying something!)

Visit Tammy’s Recipes for more great kitchen tips!

Helping You Find Great Prices on Great Products (To Go With Great Recipes)

I love sharing yummy real food recipes with you. But I also really love sharing ways I’ve found to save money on the real food ingredients it takes to make these recipes. Here are some of the latest and greatest, along with links to some of my favorite recipes using these ingredients:

Ben’s Sugar Shack Pure Maple Syrup is as low as $15.29/quart if you buy it with four other subscribe and save items. I prefer Grade B, Organic syrup, but I read the reviews on this and I feel good about serving it to my family. Plus the price is great!

bens sugar shackHow I’ll use this maple syrup:


Vitacost’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is (as always) a great price – $23.99 for a 54-ounce tub. I really like this coconut oil. But the best part is that if you’re a new customer with Vitacost, you can click here through my referral link to get $10 off your first order of $30 or more! This makes for a super good deal! Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $49 or better yet – free shipping if you order $25 or more Vitacost brand products (which this coconut oil is). I like ordering from Vitacost when I find good sales. :)


What I make with coconut oil:


Anthony’s Organic Coconut Flour is just $14.97 for a five-pound bag! This is an awesome price!

anthonys coconut flour

With this coconut flour I’ll make:



This one isn’t an ingredient, but it is a very useful item I use with many of my favorite recipes…

This 8-Piece Pyrex Bowl Set with Lids is an absolute favorite of mine. I use these all the time, year round. The set is $14.97 right now, which is a great price (it’s usually around $20).

pyrex bowls 2

My favorite summer recipes to store in these bowls are:


If you really want to learn ways to save…

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I’ll keep you updated with all the latest deals!

This post contains affiliate links….and lots of fun recipes. :)

Menu Plan for This Week and a Freezer/Pantry Challenge Update

Well, with my huge stock-pile of food, we are still doing just fine with only purchasing fresh produce, eggs, and dairy.  Confession:  You will see a little package of Hormel’s Naturals lunch meat in this grocery shopping picture from this week.  I needed some slivered ham for a fun breakfast idea my friend Brenda told me about at Bunco.  I had to have it, yes I did.  You’ll be thankful she told me about this and that I veered off course just enough to buy it.  Just wait until I share the recipe.  :)

jan 22

This isn’t everything, by the way.  I had to make a mid-week run to the store since we were almost out of everything fresh.
I got cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and I can’t remember what else because it’s gone already.

Can you believe I bought strawberries in January??  I can’t even believe it.  Somehow, they were a great price and actually looked good.  This never happens in Nebraska, but seeing as we are having 50° weather, it does sort of feel like spring.  Even if these strawberries aren’t as delicious as they are in the summertime, I figure that at the very least we can choke them down with some Chocolate Whipped Cream.  Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I bought three packages of blueberries this week – woohoo for price matching!  I also price-matched broccoli, cauliflower, and apples.  This price-matching thing has been saving me a bundle.

Speaking of which, I am excited to share that our family has seen some significant grocery budget savings this month since I’ve bought only fresh food and have avoided buying anything for our freezers or pantry.  We will be ending the month with spending at just a tad over $400.  This number is fantastic for my family in this season of life.  (Oh my, I remember the days I spent less than that for everything including meat and pantry staples.  Hello, teenage appetites.)

I have also found it interesting to note that it takes between $100-$130 per week to keep us in fresh produce, eggs, and milk.  Seem like a lot?  I beg to differ.  That amount goes a long way toward awesome nutrition so it is very, very worth it.  I also love thinking about how our preserved garden produce helps keep that amount as low as it is.  I also (how many times can I use also in the same paragraph?) realize how blessed we are that our fresh milk and eggs are priced so very reasonably.

And now, here is our list of menu items for this week.  What a blessing to have so much variety and so much good food!




Fruit and Veggie Sides (I serve 1-4 with each meal)

If you are also taking an “Eat from the Pantry and Freezer” Challenge, I’d love to hear how it is going for you!

Pumpkin Pecan Pie Squares ~ Share Your Story

I loved reading this story of how Kelley blessed her brother with a delicious, home-cooked meal!   Our Pumpkin Pecan Pie Squares recipe was a highlight of this story, as was our Salmon Patties recipe. It doesn’t have to be difficult, just cooked with love. :)

Share Your Heavenly Homemakers Recipe Story


Hi Laura!

Last night my brother was coming over for dinner. He works so much, he rarely gets a home cooked meal, so I decided to make it special and make your pumpkin-pecan pie squares. :) They were such a huge hit! My husband said they were even church worthy!! To those who don’t understand, most of the ladies at church dinners have at least one special dish that they excel at and everyone asks for. So, anyway, that is the first time I’ve had a “church worthy” recipe so I am super excited!! For supper we had your Salmon Patties that I tweaked a little (think some Italian seasoning and heavy whipping cream), coleslaw, and roasted Italian/Rosemary/Garlic potatoes. Needless to say, there were NO leftovers!


kelley 1

Such a delicious spread!

kelley 2

  I’m not sure which recipe Kelley used, but here’s my very simple Creamy Coleslaw recipe if you’re interested. Kelley’s looks so pretty!

kelley 3

These Salmon Patties turned out looking so good! I think I’ll start making mine big like this too. My boys would appreciate that. :)

kelley 4

These look great, and I bet we would all love having the recipe. Pretty please, Kelley?!?!??! :)

 kelley 5

Last but not least, Kelley’s plate of Pumpkin Pecan Pie Squares.
If you need an easy and delicious dessert this holiday season, these are a great choice.
“Church worthy” according to Kelley’s husband. Yes!

Keep sending in your stories. I love them!

Menu Plan for the Week ~ With a Fun Menu Planning Resource Announcement

Last week’s new (to me) menu planning idea worked out pretty well! I loved the flexibility, knowing I could make anything on the list for any meal of the week.

The great thing about menu planning is that there are so many ways to go about getting yourself organized. One thing is for sure though – menu planning always saves money, time, and energy. This is why I talk about it so often here and share my menu plans with you.

Want to know a little secret? It’s about menu planning, and it’s different from anything we’ve offered here before.

We’re almost finished creating a really fun menu planning resource packet to add to our shop. It’s full of printables for you to pick and choose from. Then based on your needs and preferences, you build your own menu planning notebook. It’s a never ending resource of fun and organization. Who says menu planning can’t be FUN!?!?!?!

Coming early November…

Build Your Menu Planning Notebook 550x

That’s a sneak peek at the cover of the “Build Your Menu Planning Notebook” packet. More details to come as we finish it up and offer it for sale. I can’t wait to share more about what this is like. Watch for it soon!

In other news around the Coppinger household, we are still buried under apples. It’s a wonderful and tasty “problem” to have. :)  I made 17 more quarts of Applesauce this weekend. Then I mixed up 9 quarts worth of Apple Pie Filling. Instead of canning the filling, I froze it in bags. This girl, if you can believe it, is almost out of jars! That’s what happens when you are having a fantastic produce year!

apple work 2

I also made a big Apple Crisp for a Fall Festival at church Saturday night. Apples, apples everywhere!

apple work 1

Like last week, I’m listing meal ideas for the week according to the meal instead of scheduling them specifically for each day. I’ll mix and match depending on how much time I have each day. Here are our food lists for this week:




Fruit and Veggie Side Dishes (I always serve 1-4 fruits and veggies with each meal)

 What’s on your menu plan this week? Praying your week is off to a great start!

Menu Plan for the Week and Freebie Offer Reminders

We’ve had a full weekend with relatives visiting and sharing yummy meals.  Since we have a lot of this and that left over, Monday I’m taking the day off. Ahhh, the joy of leftovers!

Need an easy meal that won’t heat up the house? Our whole family loves this Easy Taco Salad. We have fresh lettuce ready to pick from our garden, so this will taste better than ever!

Easy Taco Salad with homemade French Dressing

Sunday, May 25
Dark chocolate almond granola, blueberries, strawberries
Sloppy joes, potato salad, creamy coleslaw, raw veggies with homemade ranch, watermelon
Small Group – grilled burgers, grapes, sides others bring

Monday, May 26
Clean out the fridge – leftovers all day, day off for Mom!

Tuesday, May 27
Crepes, applesauce
Salmon patties, potato wedges, peas, sweet peppers, raspberries
Taco salad, fresh pineapple

Wednesday, May 28
Green machine milkshakes, toast, blueberries
Baked potatoes in the crock pot with cheese and chopped ham, cantaloupe, cucumbers, carrots
Grilled barbeque chicken, steamed asparagus, green beans, sweet corn

Thursday, May 29
Flaky cream cheese pastry, kiwi
Pasta salad bar (more details to come!), watermelon
Italian stew with green beans, honey glazed carrots, cantaloupe

Friday, May 30
Chocolate whipped cream on strawberries, peanut butter honey toast
Sliced ham, spicy avocado dip with chips, sweet peppers, olives, blackberries
Teriyaki chicken and veggies (broccoli, zucchini, carrots), tossed salad

Saturday, May 31
Cheesy scrambled eggs, pineapple mango smoothies
Homemade pizza, tossed salad

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Trying To Get Ahead So I Can Have Rational Conversations With My Guests

My aunt and uncle are visiting for the weekend – something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time! We’ll be having cousins over for a meal or two while they are here. And you know me. For the life of me, I cannot talk and cook at the same time (more info to follow about my poor, pitiful self).

Because of this issue I have, the boys and I spend some time yesterday prepping food to make it possible for me to have coherent conversations with my loved ones. I think it goes without saying that we will all appreciate this – both the food and the completed sentences.

memorial day food 2

What all did we get done? Well, none of this was difficult, and in fact, much of it didn’t even involve cooking. Still, the more kitchen work done ahead of time the better. Here’s what we did:

  • Prepped tomatoes and lettuce for BLT Wraps. The day before that, we cooked the bacon for the cream cheese mixture. Was it torture to make bacon and not eat it. Yes, just a little bit.
  • Sliced strawberries and whipped cream to top Whole Wheat Waffles for breakfast.
  • Made Creamy Coleslaw
  • Sliced cucumbers and opened a bag of petite carrots (that was exhausting, let me tell you)
  • Ground flour to have on hand for waffles and whatever else I may need it for this weekend.
  • Made Ranch Dip for the veggies.
  • Made Italian Dressing to marinate chicken for the grill.
  • Baked a double batch of Shortbread for snacking.

You may remember the following post I wrote last year. I thought it was worth sharing again, just to help you understand why prepping food ahead of time is so important for me. Enjoy!

Having Company? Prepare Food Ahead of Time (and My Hostess Confessions)

Little known fact about Laura:  I can start a load of laundry, brush my teeth, plan dinner, write a grocery list, and instruct four different children on six different chores all at the same time, but for all of my multi-tasking abilities, I cannot talk and cook simultaneously.

I try to fake it. I’ll stir together cookies while chatting with a friend in the kitchen, and attempt to sound intelligent when answering a question.  This works not at all. She’ll ask how long we’ve lived in this house, and I’ll look lamely up from my cocoa powder and answer, “blue.”  She’ll try again, asking where I got my lovely serving platter. I’ll blink a few times in an effort to pull myself into the conversation, and come up with “last week at a soccer game.”  You think I’m kidding. God bless our house guests. 

Occasionally, I will actually answer questions correctly while cooking (and even ask a few brilliant ones) only to realize later that I forgot to stir important ingredients like oil or eggs into our breakfast muffins. We already know I struggle with remembering to put bananas in my banana bread – and that’s when I’m all alone in the kitchen holding only a conversation with myself (don’t ask). It’s rather scary and a wonder friends and loved ones still eat my food and declare it to be good.

Because I love extending hospitality, but I also love not looking and sounding like a dimwit, I work to prepare as much food ahead of time as possible before guests arrive. It is my number one hospitality survival tactic.  This also helps insure that I will not be working in the kitchen the entire time my company is here. I love to cook, but when guests are here, I’d much rather play games, watch the kids play, or sit around and visit intelligently. (Eleven. We’ve lived in this house for eleven years. It was a wedding gift. The platter, not the house. Try to keep up.)

In addition, prepping food ahead of time means that the worst of the dirty dishes are cleaned up and put away. I’ve also found that when some of the guests are children who eat as much and as frequently as mine, having snacks and meals prepared is helpful in avoiding melt-downs and grumpiness. As we all know, a grumpy hostess melting down in the kitchen is ugly. (Right. You thought I was talking about the kids.)

One more thing to note:  Beyond preparing food ahead of time, I feel it is important to keep meals simple. Guests don’t need gourmet, they just need food served with love. They don’t need fancy, they just need tasty. A fruit platter is beautiful, nourishing, and delicious. A lettuce salad tosses together quickly. Veggies steam in no time. Put those together with a casserole or another main dish you’ve prepared ahead of time, and you’ve got a perfect, simple meal to serve to guests.

So just in case you find yourself like me, with the inability to cook and talk at the same time, do the best you can to prepare food ahead of time. If all else fails, remember to keep a smile on your face at all times. You might respond to your guest with “in the refrigerator behind the peanut butter” when asked where your bathroom is located, but at least you’ll look cute.

Can you talk and cook at the same time?  (If your answer doesn’t make sense, I’ll assume you’re adding spices to your sauce.)

Menu Plan for the Week For Those Of Us Who Need Something To Eat Besides Chocolate Whipped Cream

Well, here’s proof that I apparently can’t get enough Chocolate Whipped Cream:

mug overflow (1)

Somebody thought adding just one more spoonful would surely be a great idea.

Not to worry – I licked it all off the sides of the mug (picture not included). I considered getting a straw to slurp up everything that ended up on the counter-top, but then I figured, why waste a straw? So I skipped the straw and just lapped it right up with my tongue. Sheesh, I’m kidding. I cleaned it up with a washrag like a normal, less obsessed person. Then I sat down with my sticky, messy mug and savored every last drop of Chocolate Whipped Cream Coffee.

If you haven’t tried this yet, you must. It’s the perfect no-sugar treat. We’ve been going through pounds and pounds of strawberries with the Chocolate Whipped Cream, too. I can’t think of a better way to eat fruit, can you?

In other, less chocolate whipped creamy news, have you tried making Black Bean Chicken Nachos? This is a super quick and delicious meal!

Black Bean Chicken Nachos

Just in case my family decides we’d like something other than Chocolate Whipped Cream to eat this week, here’s our menu plan:

Sunday, May 18
Instant oatmeal packets, clementines
Beef stew, green beans
Small Group potluck – butter garlic shrimp, fresh pineapple, flourless banana bars (a recipe experiment)

Monday, May 19
Strawberry shortcake
Tuna salad on tomatoes and lettuce, pineapple mango smoothies, sweet peppers
Peanut butter pancakes, scrambled eggs, bananas

Tuesday, May 20
Quick mix pancakes, sausage gravy, pears
Black bean chicken nachos with lettuce and tomatoes, fresh pineapple
Cheesy salsa enchiladas, tossed salad, cantaloupe

Wednesday, May 21
Snickerdoodle muffins, fried eggs, blackberries
Crustless pizza, tossed salad, sweet peppers, olives
Crock pot barbecue chicken breasts, baked potatoes, peas, roasted asparagus

Thursday, May 22
Chocolate whipped cream on strawberries (oh look, there it is again), toast
Popcorn chicken, ranch potato wedges, green beans, raspberries
Lasagna casserole, tossed salad, steamed broccoli and carrots

Friday, May 23
Raspberry oatmeal bars, apple slices
Healthier cheese dip with corn chips, fruit/kefir/spinach smoothies

Saturday, May 24
Whole wheat waffles, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream
BLT Wraps, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, cucumbers, carrots
Grilled Italian chicken, potato salad, creamy coleslaw, watermelon, grape tomatoes

Tell me if you’ve tried the Chocolate Whipped Cream yet! Join the obsession!

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Menu Plan for the Week

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies, sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends! I hope all of you are receiving honor and celebration today. Matt and the boys are spoiling me as usual. I’ve not lifted a finger (except to type this post of course). Even though Matt is having a hard time getting around, he’s still been able to talk the boys through making lunch and cleaning up. Super great!

mother's day lunch 14

Look, Matt is up on two feet! He’s still hobbling, but his foot gets better each day. We’re super thankful for the progress he’s making and that his foot is healing so well. Thank you to all who prayed for our family last week. :)

mother's day may 2014

He doesn’t look it in this picture, but Asa really is as tall as, if not taller than, Matt.
Everyone is growing, or I’m getting shorter by the minute. 

Last week’s meal plan went out the window after Matt hurt his foot on Tuesday evening. Thankfully, I had plenty of prepared food in the freezer that I could pull out and use. Plus, I ran to the store and got some sandwich stuff to fill in the gaps. Between that and simple to throw on the table fruits and veggies, we made it just fine.

If part of this week’s menu looks a lot like part of last week’s menu, that’s because I just copied and pasted it over. May as well use what I already planned last week, right?

Sunday, May 11 (Mom’s Day Off)
Instant oatmeal packets, raspberries
BLT wraps, fresh pineapple, strawberries with chocolate whipped cream

Monday, May 12
Strawberry cream muffins, fried eggs
Calzones, pineapple mango smoothies, cucumbers with ranch
Italian cream cheese chicken, tossed salad, steamed broccoli and carrots

Tuesday, May 13
Oatmeal breakfast bars, raspberries
Hamburger sauerkraut dip with chips, kiwi, blackberries
Orange chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, tossed salad

Wednesday, May 14
Poptarts, blueberries
Chicken tacos, tomatoes and lettuce, olives, cantaloupe
Chili mac, tossed salad, peas

Thursday, May 15
Cheesy scrambled eggs, pears
Easy noodle stir fry with broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and mushrooms
Grilled barbeque chicken, creamy coleslaw, cucumbers and carrots with ranch, watermelon

Friday, May 16
Whole wheat waffles with strawberries and whipped cream
Cheeseburger zucchini boats, fruit and kefir smoothies (with spinach)
Hearty green bean casserole (recipe in Oh, For Real cookbook), tossed salad

Saturday, May 17
Giant breakfast cookies, blueberries
Black bean taco salad, cantaloupe

Our Mother’s Day lunch today was incredible. Watch for those new recipes here this week. You must learn to make BLT Wraps and Chocolate Whipped Cream for Strawberries!

Menu Plan for the Week

Excited as I am for the Meatless Meals Freezer Cooking Challenge, I’ve not done one thing to prepare for it. We’ve been at soccer games all weekend long with not an extra moment to spare in the kitchen. In fact, I’m barely scraping meals together. Sunday lunch today was none other than tuna salad on tortillas (with mixed greens stuffed in), eaten in the five minutes we had between church and a soccer game. Shin guards and cleats were flying, let me tell you.

My goal is to (sleep and) hit the challenge hard on Monday morning, then just do a little at a time throughout the week. Since the plan is to cook for this week’s meals along with making extra for the freezer, you’ll see many of the challenge meals sprinkled throughout my menu plan.

Italian Cream Cheese Chicken

If you need a new easy meal idea, I recommend Italian Cream Cheese Chicken. :)

Sunday, May 4
Strawberry shortcake
Tuna salad on tortillas, mixed greens, sweet peppers, raspberries
Small group – grilled hot dogs and brats, potato salad and other sides people bring

Monday, May 5
Peanut butter pancakes, scrambled eggs, bananas
Bean and cheese burritos, fresh pineapple, sweet peppers
Meatless spaghetti pie (recipe in {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook), tossed salad, green beans

Tuesday, May 6
Crock pot breakfast casserole, creamy orange cooler
Baked mac and cheese cups (recipe in {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook), peas, fruit and kefir smoothies with spinach tossed in
Lasagna casserole, tossed salad, roasted asparagus, honey glazed carrots

Wednesday, May 7
Strawberry cream muffins, fried eggs
Calzones, pineapple mango smoothies, cucumbers with ranch
Italian cream cheese chicken, tossed salad, steamed broccoli and carrots

Thursday, May 8
Oatmeal breakfast bars, raspberries
Hamburger sauerkraut dip with chips, kiwi, blackberries
Orange chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, tossed salad

Friday, May 9
Poptarts, blueberries
Chicken tacos, tomatoes and lettuce, olives, cantaloupe
Chili mac, tossed salad, peas

Saturday, May 10
Cheesy scrambled eggs, pears
Grilled barbeque chicken, creamy coleslaw, cucumbers and carrots with ranch, watermelon

Have you used the grill yet this season?