$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway from FBS Books!!

I think just about all of us love books, am I right? (If you don’t love books…can I have yours?)

FBS Books, a great online book source, is having a Grand Re-Opening this week, with a new website and lower prices.  I love putting the words “books” and “lower prices” in the same sentence. :) 

FBS Books has everything all set up on easy to navigate pages, featuring hundreds of excellent books!!!!! You’ll find great Reading and Literature Guides, Bibles and Bible study books, Math books, even some Electives and Games. Take a look at all of the book categories featured at FBS Books.

I think it’s very cool that any order over $25 receives free shipping. THAT is an excellent deal! I encourage you also to read FBS Book’s About Page to learn about the FBS family and their mission. I love supporting family businesses!

If you take a look at FBS’s Back to Moms page, you’ll notice that through August 15th, you can pick out any Devotional, Parenting, Christian Living, or Theology Book valued at $9.99 or less for FREE with any $100 order.

Notice also their Back To Schools Program:  If your school or co-op gives FBS their parent curriculum list, they will set up a shopping category for them and donate 2% of their sales back to the school/co-op at the end of August (or whenever their school year starts). When you give FBS Books your list, they research and scour the internet to give parents the best prices all in one store!

Take a big long look over at FBS Books, because you may have a chance to go shopping for FREE with the $50 Gift Certificate they are offering! Oh, the fun you could have with $50 in an online bookstore!!!

Leave a comment here to enter to win this giveaway.  For extra entries, do any of the following, leaving a separate comment on this post for each.

I’ll draw a random winner on Monday, May 9.

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  1. Meghan V. says

    I’m particularly interested in the Homesteading section…probably the book on raising chickens, I hope to get some soon!


  2. Esther L says

    What a great giveaway! Our house is filled with books and I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)


  3. Esther L says

    I really liked going through their history section and seeing their “Enrichment,” “Resource”, and “Literature” packages.


  4. Rebecca says

    I am most interested in Saxon 1… that what my soon to be 6 yr old will be going through this coming school year.


  5. says

    These are two books: I saw right off the bat:

    Canning for a New Generation: A Seasonal Guide to Filling the Modern Pantry
    Homesteading: A Back to Basics Guide to Growing Your Own Food, Canning, Keeping Chickens,Generating

    Ran out of time in looking right now. But would like to check back. The s/h is great!


  6. says

    Count me in, please! I like the ESV Journaling Bibles that they carry and some of the other devotional resources. It’d be tough to choose between something for myself or something for my kids.


  7. Ginger says

    Haven’t purchased our fall cirriculum yet. would love to win some money for that purpose. Thanks for the opportunity.


  8. says

    With a free $50 to spend and having not bought any books for my kids’ homeschool next year, I’d likely spend it all on that. ;)


  9. Dacia says

    Loving the Home Economics for Homeschoolers Series! Love the weekly lessons of things that I sometimes cover and sometimes miss!


  10. Dacia says

    Following FBS books on FB! Ok, and I’m loving looking around their site – great stuff! Great family business! Great ministry! And free shipping over $25- – no way!


  11. Jaime Layton says

    So many choices… how to pick?? Grammer, art, Christian Living… Decisions, decisions. :)


  12. Melnie says

    Just LOVE reading!! We are trying to instill the same love into our little boy as well!! :)


  13. says

    WOW!!! $50…that’s great! Would love to pick a few books to supplement our year coming up in August!! Thanks, Laura! (and thanks FBS books!)


  14. Lisa Whitmore says

    I would pick out some sign language curriculum. We are going to incorporate this in our homeschool this fall and it would be great to have a nice curriculum to use.


  15. Alyssa says

    I’d pick the Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Botany and the corresponding nbj…they’re on my list for next year…


  16. Kathleen K says

    I don’t think I can pick just 1 book. Or just 1 category. Our family is a bunch of bibliophiles.


  17. Katie says

    It is sooo hard to choose because there is so much I’m interested in, but I am most interested in copywork for little boys, as that is something we’re looking for. However, Farm City is a close second because my husband just started a new ministry and this book has been helpful to him (we’ve gotten it from the library, but have to return it because of the waiting list).


  18. BekahJ says

    As a private piano, voice, and instrumental teacher I would love to get their books and CDs about composers. Ie: Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Pictures at an Exhibition, Rhapsody in Blue, The farewell Symphony, & The Heroic Symphony.


  19. Tiffany says

    Looks like a great site! Thanks for introducing me. My oldest daughter is studying Ancient Greece, and I thought the “Greece & Rome Literature Package” looked great. There are a ton of wonderful preschool resources, too.


  20. Robyn O. says

    This looks great! I’m going to start homeschooling in the Fall and am overwhelmed with all the curriculum choices and prices. This would be a help to me!


  21. Cassandra says

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this company!! Looks great! Thanks for the offer/giveaway as well, I appreciate all these chances to win something wonderful!


  22. Cassandra says

    As far as which books I’d be interested in…uhm yea, I am IN LOVE with books as well, so…ahem: ANYTHING in the homesteading section (esp the cheese making), the Horizons Math 3 set, and the Sir Cumference books. And the A Reason For Handwriting Books, and…yea, I’ll just stop there. You get the idea. :O) Thanks again.


  23. Leanne says

    As far as what we would be interested in…pretty much everything. What a great selection. I really think my daughter would enjoy the Brain Quest though as she loves games!


  24. Karen says

    What homeschooler doesn’t love books? I already bought our core curriculum for next year, so if I win, I would buy fun read-alouds or other supplements.


  25. Karen says

    I think the pre-K Kumon workbooks look great. There are several books in the Bible Study and Christian Living catagories that look great as well. (APrayerFilled Life, A Thousand Gifts)


  26. Shannon says

    I’d love to win. I think I’m addicted to books. I’m reading 3 different ones right now


  27. says

    I would love Home Cheese Making. I think its great that they have a Homesteading secion and I’ve always wanted to try this.


  28. Leslie K. says

    Oh boy…is it time to order next year’s books already! This would sure soften the blow! :)


  29. Melissa says

    I’ve been working on our curriculum for next year and am excited to have another site to look at.


  30. amy says

    okay – not for the kids, but I’d LOVE the home ec 101 book…and some of the ‘homesteading’ ones.

    I’d love that Star WArs cookbook for my nephew.


  31. angela rose says

    This looks like a great site. I would like to buy “Addition Songs CD,” my little girl loves to sing!


  32. Becki says

    I would LOVE The Mystery of History Vol 2. We used the first Vol this year it was absolutely fantastic. Just what we were hoping for! Have been looking for a good deal for Vol. 2 for next year.


  33. Seline P. says

    Most interested in Easy Grammar Ultimate Series – they have the lowest price I have seen for this item!


  34. Susan F says

    I love books!. I have to have them every day. :)
    As for Velveeta, haven’t had any in years. I think I let my kids have it once.


  35. Peggy says

    I’ve never heard of them but I think I could use some of the Christian parenting books plus some!


  36. Sharon says

    I would love to learn to can, so I’d get “Canning for a New Generation: A Seasonal Guide to Filling the Modern Pantry”.


  37. says

    I think I’d go with italic handwriting B – my daughter is about ready for that one, and all the homesteading stuff looks great. I actually ahve the 200 CHeese Recipes book – now I just need the cow! :)


  38. bikey mama carie says

    The homesteading section caught my eye- Do it Gorgeously & collectables for kids looks fun too!


  39. Gigi says

    There are too many books to choose from in just a few moments, but if not picking one will disqualify me from the contest, then it would have to be the Horizons Math 5 set. Thank you for the chance to win!


  40. Kathy Whitt says

    I could really enjoy some free books. Thanks for informing about this site. I hadn’t heard of it before;)


  41. Renee says

    Books and lower price=more books. What a win-win situation….I love books, all books and even have a room designated as a library. Would love to win this gift certificate. Thank you, I enjoy your blog very much.


  42. Renee says

    DI would oreder arts and crafts books for my four grandchildren. Or I would look and see if they have a specialized book to help dyslexic students.


  43. NW Homesteader says

    I would get Brain quest for 3’s, Brain Quest Preschool, and Brain quest Pre-K workbook!!!


  44. Brittany says

    I’d probably spend most of it on good books for my beginning readers. The BOB books look perfect for my middle son, who is just starting to read.


  45. Olivia says

    I love the ABC Memory Verse thing, and the homesteading books! I need to get me some chickens!


  46. Ellen says

    Thank you for letting everyone know about FBS Books. I’ve never heard of them before, and I do love books!


  47. Ellen says

    One book I would choose is Joshua Harris’ new book, “Dug Down Deep.” I might add that most of the books in the history section look great to me too!


  48. D says



    D Reply:

    Love the homesteading section as well as all of the Christian Homeschool books.


  49. Melanie Fuller says

    Wow, I would love to win! Reading is my favorite way to relax. Thanks for chance to enter.


  50. Melanie Fuller says

    I would like to order either “Homegrown Whole Grains: Grow, Harvest, and Cook Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice, Corn and More” or
    “Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long” to start with. Both of these sound great to me since we are interested in starting to try a garden and eating more whole grains for health purposes! Thanks for the chance to win!


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