5 Top Family-Friendly Recipes

I suppose it’s obvious that if I’m sharing a recipe with you here, it’s because my family loves it. But what I really enjoy is when you try a recipe and send me feedback about how much your family loves it too!

Here are some messages I’ve received recently. I’m sharing them here because everyone needs to know how these recipes save time, money, and are a hit with families! If you haven’t tried these yet, here are a few reasons you should. :)

About Simple Pizza Chicken Bake, Pam said: I made this for our small group last night, and they scraped the pan clean. My husband asked me to make it again. It was a hit! Thank you so much for your fun and easy recipes.


About Last Minute Creamy Bacon Spaghetti Amber said: I’ve made this 3 times now, and it’s definitely a family favourite! I always double the cream cheese, because… cream cheese. Yum! So good. Thanks for another great recipe!

And Tara said: Laura, I just made this tonight after we spent an extra long time at the park. We ran home and got in the door at 5:30pm, and I had nothing planned for dinner. Thankfully I had bacon and cream cheese, so I threw this together and steamed some broccoli, and served it with a side of applesauce. It was on the table at 6! So easy, and it was a big hit with everyone in the family—including the 3 year old twins that are very picky these days.



About Simple Chicken Cheeseballs with a Kick with a Kick, Megan said: These were SO GOOD tonight that we all just called them “amaze-balls”. Thank you!


About Homemade Vanilla Wafers, Jennifer said: This is definitely a keeper!  Hubby kept going on & on about how ‘good these vanilla wafers are!’ He had a hard time not eating them. This comes from someone who likes his white flour, white sugar type cookies. Thanks!!! But thanks from all 6 of my children, too.



About Simple 3-Cheese Crock Pot Pasta, Tosha said: My 3 year old son made this today! He added spinach because that is his favorite vegetable! I love that even he could do this with a little supervision from mama!

crock pot pasta2


Have you tried any recipes here recently that you love? I’d love to hear how they worked for you.

Also, it’s been really fun to hear feedback from Simple Meals subscribers. If you get Simple Meals Planning Packets in your inbox every week, share here what you love about them!



  1. Suzi says

    Laura, this is only my 2nd post to you, but had to do it. Your “freezer to crock pot shredded, bar b q beef” was simply amazing. I’ve been cooking for over 60 years and I am retired so I don’t need simple fast meals any more. BUT I do appreciate, monitor free, short cuts. Had a chuck roast burning a hole in my freezer, a jar of home made BBQ sauce we love and the rest was magic. The smell drove us crazy ALL day. I take my BBQ beef seriously and this was company worthy. Love you and what you do. Thank you


    Laura Reply:

    Aww, what a sweet post. Thank you!


  2. Ivy Mae says

    I just served the Creamy Bacon Spaghetti for lunch and my houseful of guys went bonkers over it, even the toddler! My 8 year old son actually came over, hugged me, and told me what a good momma I was. Um, so yeah. I reckon it’s a good recipe! :)


    Laura Reply:

    Wow, that is so great to hear. (I love being hugged after a meal!)


  3. Molly says

    Today, might I recommend a salad (with beans and grains and veggies) with SALSA as the “dressing”? SO TASTY. :-)


    Laura Reply:

    Oh wow, I’ve done that with taco salad before, but I hadn’t thought beyond that. I’ll have to try this!!


  4. Jessica says

    I FINALLY got around to making mashed potatoes in the crockpot today…I will NEVER EVER EVER go back to making them on the stove. Thank you so much! My family has missed them :) Also, every single one of the simple recipes that I have made has been a hit with my family. Your simple rice taco dinner has actually gotten my kids to eat rice! And my daughter just now asked me when I was going to make the simple crunchy ranch chicken strips again:) Needless to say, we are BIG fans at our house! I could go on and on about all the recipes we have tried and loved, but that would make this comment into a novel! Thank you again!


    Laura Reply:

    Yay, your comment means so much! I’ll keep the Simple Recipes coming!


  5. Joey says

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been in a meal planning rut lately (maybe the change of seasons?). It can be difficult to find things that everyone in our large family likes! I just made the Simple Chicken Cheeseballs (substituting ground turkey, because that’s what I had on hand)…and they are awesome. Just added Chicken Pizza Bake to the menu plan later in the week. Thank you for the great recipes and ideas!!!


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