32 Ounce Organic Virgin Coconut Oil From Tropical Traditions – $0.00 Through July 6!!

Oh man, this is so exciting. Everyone head over to Tropical Traditions and put this awesome 32 ounce jar of coconut oil into your cart. It is FREEEEEEEEE! Zero dollars. Zippo. For an entire quart of coconut oil.

Yes, as a part of a 4th of July sale Tropical Traditions is having, each of us can get one free jar of their very highest quality coconut oil. This Organic Gold Label Coconut Oil is the best of the best – my very favorite coconut oil to use. And right now it’s free.


You’ll need to add some additional products to your cart as they require a minimum order of $12.99. You’ll need to pay shipping costs. But after it’s all said and done, you’ll be getting an amazing deal on this fantastic oil.

Oh, how I love Tropical Traditions!!!

I easily met the minimum order requirements by grabbing some of my favorite coconut oil soap, which just so happens to be buy one get one free right now. This is what I love about Tropical Traditions. They offer super high quality products, and if you watch for sales and deals, you can grab them at a very affordable price.

Hurry!!!! This free coconut oil deal only goes through July 6.

Bonus:  Are you a new customer with Tropical Traditions? If so, clicking through the links in this post to purchase will reward you with a FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Book. No need to add it to your cart – you’ll get it automatically with purchase. Free coconut oil and a free book to go with it? Sweet. :)

tropical traditions coconut oil book

Enjoy your freebies and the other great products you choose from Tropical Traditions. Their products are staples in our home. Let us know what you choose to get!

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Peggy says

    I just ordered mine. I had a couple of things I was going to order when they had a free shipping weekend., but this was a better deal. I love a good deal!


  2. Paula H erbstreit says

    Hey there, thanks for the tip on the coconut oil, I also ordered some virgin palm oil, which I’ve never tried, I love getting coconut there, but there isn’t any in stock yet, I assume due to the past storm. And thanks for the vanilla, love it. Have a great day ??


  3. Ruth says

    Does this apply for Canadians to? Or is it only for Americans?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, I think so, but can’t say for sure. :)


  4. Karen says

    Laura ~ I’ve never tried their soaps. Which one(s) do you like?


    Laura Reply:

    I love them all!! We use the plain unscented bar for our youngest since his skin is so sensitive. But the rest of us use either the tea-tree one or lavender. :)


  5. Elizabeth says

    I want to thank you for being a Christian lady that believes in God and not ashamed of talking about God on your site. I just ordered the coconut oil that is free. I have been wanting to try there coconut oil and I couldn’t pass up this offer. Thanks again


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