31 Days of Praise – Have You Been Reading This?

At the beginning of this year, I mentioned to you that I had started reading 31 Days of Praise, by Ruth Myers. Now that it’s almost March, I wanted to check in with you again to see if any of you have been reading it too.

31 days of praise

What I love about this book is that it is straight from scripture. There are no author opinions on how I should be living my life, no one telling me what I should or should not be doing, no suggestions about what a scripture might mean. It’s simply scripture put into prayers of praise.

While I’ve been reading it for almost 90 days already, I’m still only on Day 11. Why? Because this book is meant to be savored. I read the same pages over and over as I meditate on the words and focus my thoughts on the Truth from the scriptures. I’m chewing on it slowly, letting God’s promises seep in, in the midst of my praise to Him.

I highly encourage 31 Days of Praise and would love for you to experience the richness of all this book has to offer.

I should also mention that I am also very much enjoying Jesus Calling. It’s words are a constant reminder to me to let go of control and worry – and to simply let Jesus be my savior. I read it on my own each morning, then I read it to my boys at breakfast. It is wonderful.

Have you read, or are you reading either of these books?


  1. Katie says

    I started reading 31 Days of Praise shortly after Christmas, and I am loving it! I must admit I was relieved to hear that you had not been through it several times already. I am only part way through the days also. I have found that I need to read through a day and then let it sink in (because sometimes praise is shocking to my system after negative thinking!) for a day or two, and then I read it out loud as my own prayer. Praise is so powerful, and I am so grateful to have these examples and guides to get me started. Thanks for sharing Laura!


  2. says

    Thanks for the reminder about this devotional. I read 31 Days of Praise a few years ago on my own and loved it. My husband and I should pull it out again! We actually are currently reading Jesus Calling together and we are reading Jesus Calling for Kids with our 4 kiddos (well, the baby doesn’t get much out of it, but she’s listening!) :)


  3. Carolyn says

    Jesus Calling is the one I (and my husband) are reading now.
    First saw it in a cabin we stayed at in Oct 2013 and requested for Christmas.
    It has been amazing how relevant the messages have been for our current circumstances each day.
    Our God is wonderful!
    I would encourage everyone to check it out (and CBD dot com) has it in different covers, etc. for great prices.

    (I will check on the 31 Days of Praise – heard about it first from you – so thank you for sharing.)



  4. Susan Landry says

    I have been reading this devotional for about 15 years… it has set a strong foundation for my faith…some of the simple truths it puts forth I have still not heard expressed so clearly in church…it has made me to look on heard times in such a different way…HE can be trusted thru all circumstances…I give this out as a graduation gift…It was the one most important reading during my early years as a believer…except the Bible…Have a great day…


  5. Kathy says

    I have both and have read them both – parts of each several times. Ruth Myers also has another one I have. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Juli says

    We’ve been reading Jesus Today by Sarah Young; such a blessing!
    Amazing when you know the sickness and pain her body has been through, and if not for that, these books may never have been written!! God truly has a reason for everything.

    I’m going to look in to the other book you shared; thank you, friend :)
    Love ya!


  7. Carolyn Stutz says

    How ironic! I must have missed your post about reading 31 Days of Praise – and obviously I missed this post two days ago! However, though I’ve had the book for YEARS and have gone through it before, I picked it up again at the beginning of February. I’d forgotten how good it is. I understand the need to meditate on the entries, but I’m going through daily – and it’s helped tremendously. I love how the Father helps in the timing of when I read a book – or reread one, as the case may be.
    As far as Jesus Calling – went through that last year and loved it. Began again this year, but found a devotional for my son called Experiencing God’s Presence by Chris Tiegreen. I bought it, read a few entries, went back to the bookstore and ordered one for myself — I’m not a good book reviewer at all, but this devotional is unlike others I’ve read. I suppose you could say that with any devotional, but this one…? truly does help me understand and experience God’s Presence. Can’t speak of it highly enough. I thoroughly enjoyed Jesus Calling – it met my needs. Experiencing God’s Presence takes me deeper.

    Blessings to you, Laura


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