20% off Vanilla Beans at Olive Nation

The past few days, I have been sharing a few more “deals posts” than I typically share on my blog. Why? Because I keep finding great ones! My intent is not to be “sales lady-ish”, but to let you know of good prices on items you may be interested in. Rest assured, the deals posts are not instead of my “regular posts,” but in addition to all of the other content I typically share.

What is great about this deal at Olive Nation is that June is the perfect month to make Homemade Vanilla Extract if you want to have it ready in time for Christmas presents. So, I am excited to share that while Olive Nation always gives Heavenly Homemakers readers a 10% discount – right now, you can get them for 20% off! Plus, vanilla beans always ship for free.

Read here about how to easily make Homemade Vanilla Extract

I always get my vanilla beans from Olive Nation because without a doubt, their prices and quality are the best. A 20% discount never hurts either. ;)  Use the code SAVE20 at checkout for this discount. This deal ends on June 11, 2013.


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  1. Missy says

    Just placed my first order! 20% off IS a good deal! Can’t wait to give homemade vanilla for Christmas gifts this year! :)


    Laura Reply:

    Awesome, everyone will love it!


  2. Marty B says

    Thanks, I decided to go with the vanilla caviar because I really want to make vanilla bean ice cream and it looked like the easy way to do it. The code also worked for it. :)


  3. Ginger b. says

    Thanks bought enough for 3/4 lb. of beans. I wonder if you could put the beans in the glass jar vodka bottles? Not sure the price difference on plastic bottle verses glass? Looked like you repurposed a glass jar what was in it? Trying to figure out my options for glass gallon jar.


    Laura Reply:

    The vodka I get is in plastic bottles. That’s the cheapest I’ve found. I’m not sure what my gallon jars were originally used for. People have given them to me through the years.


  4. Brooke says

    Thank you Laura!! :) Just yesterday I was wondering if they were going to be on sale soon so I could start a batch that would be ready for Christmas time :) Can’t wait to order mine!


  5. Morgan Gibson says

    I love when you post great deals. I end up restocking several items that way. PLus this post reminded me to shake the batch that I have brewing. Please post when you find a great deal on chicken from Tropical. Thanks for sharing.. PS you really need to share the butter cake recipe. I share a love for butter also.


  6. says

    Thanks for the reminder Laura. I have two gallons going but they will be done in August so I need more. I love Olive Nations quality. Thanks again


  7. Blessed Mama says

    Thank you!!

    Three friends & I are going in together for a full pound… three of us are trying this for the first time with the guidance of the fourth friend! Lol!


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