100% Juice Punch {Christmas Brunch}

Many of you know how much I used to love drinking Pepsi – and how giving it up has been a great decision for my health. But you probably also know how much I miss that “burn”!

For the occasional treat, I like to put seltzer water into a small amount of 100% juice. It’s not too sweet – but just sweet enough to make the fizzy water taste better. And it gives me that burn I love and miss.

For our Christmas Brunch, I wanted to suggest this simple punch idea. It’s 100% juice – no added sugar or corn syrup!

Christmas Brunch PunchYum

12 ounces 100% cranberry juice concentrate, thawed but cold
12 ounces 100% grape juice concentrate, thawed but cold
2 (or 3) liters seltzer water

Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl or large pitcher. The amount of seltzer water you use is up to you – depending on how sweet or fizzy you like your drinks.

Christmas Brunch Punch {with 100 juice!}

Feel free to add different kinds of juice depending on your taste.

Are you like me – do you like the “burn”?


  1. says

    Wow, that is such an obvious but not obvious solution. I love seltzer with juice, but always wished I could get more flavor without watering down the seltzer. Concentrate, duh! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Cindi says

    YES I do! I found a lemon lime drink at Aldi…that is carbonated water….with lemon lime, no sweetener…I will sometimes mix some of that into my OJ to have a fake POP if you will :-)!


  3. Sara B says

    I’ve been mixing seltzer with juice ever since I read your thoughts about it here. It really does the trick! Now I’ll have to try this idea the next time I need to make punch. Thanks!


  4. kellyc says

    Looks has a very appealing look to it. Not so much a fan of the sherbert colored variety out there. thanks for an alternative.


  5. Susan says

    Where do you get the seltzer water? Thanks!


    Sara Reply:

    Seltzer water and club soda are pretty much the same thing. At our
    local Wal-Mart and many other stores you can find it in the aisle with
    the alcoholic beverages. Hope that helps, I am not sure where Laura
    buys hers though, she might have other ideas:)


  6. Janet says

    I gave up soda too. I do not miss the burn but I do enjoy a glass of juice with seltzer added in. I enjoy that it is not so sweet :) Have a beautiful day!


  7. Amber says

    I have a soda stream machine that makes seltzer. I do not add flavorings. I like plain fizzy water or add a splash of juice. It is a cheap way to enjoy a healthy carbonated drink.


  8. Katherine says

    This looks delicious!! If you wanted to make it for individual glasses, any idea how much concentrate to put in a glass before filling with the fizzy water?


  9. Jesann says

    I used to like the “burn” from carbonated drinks but have trouble with it now. I do use club soda and juice to form my own non-syrup sodas in summer, but I have to cut down the amount of club soda I use and add plain water.


  10. Heather Anne says

    Sounds like a nice punch for a change. I know a friend of ours gave me a recipe that had cranberry and pineapple juice in it and that was such a nice combination too.


  11. Jenny C. says

    Yup, I too loved the burn. I still drink seltzer water straight occassionally. I gave up pop for Lent this past year. Best decision I ever made!


  12. Karen Dee says

    Yes! I was addicted to the burn, but, gave Pepsi up because it’s not good for you. Then all pop. This is a great idea!


  13. Kathy says

    I was thinking about getting some sparkling grape juice for our family Christmas gathering. Wonder if this would be less expensive?


  14. lara says

    just found your blog and am loving all the healthy ideas i’m finding browsing around…this one sounds like a great alternative to pop or “spicy juice” as my kids call it…now i can give them real spicy juice without all the yucky stuff that’s not good for them…


  15. says

    I love making my own sparkling apple cider. I use 2 apples concentrates & a 2L club soda. Then I add frozen fruit (like cranberries and raspberries) for flavour and ice.


  16. Danij says

    Fizzy juice as my kids call it, and they can’t stand it! I love the look on their faces – like they just ate a lemon!


  17. Angelia says

    Laura – I think you would love Kombucha – not too sweet, wonderful fizz, and healthy probiotics/properties – win win:)


  18. Karen says

    I love the sound of this punch! We always have a hot punch for Christmas, but I may have to find a place to fit this into.


  19. says

    I’m a Dr pepper girl. I love it, but come to think of it, I haven’t had one in 4 days. I don’t miss it, and haven’t craved it, yet. I’ll probably give in when I do crave tho, because I hate the headache.


  20. says

    Not a huge burn fan, but sometimes I do need some. And I typically use Sprecher ginger ale to quench it, but this would be even better as it uses fruit juice and isn’t a soda at all! But seriously Sprecher ginger ale is amazing and so different than any other ginger ale I’ve ever had.


  21. Amy E says

    Sounds delicious! I’ve been wanting to try a different yet easy new punch. I think I’ll be serving this Christmas Eve with my extended family! Thanks!


  22. Carolyn says

    This sounds good.
    Yes, agree about the “burn”. Gave up Pepsi years ago. And I love ginger in all forms. Know any way to have ginger ale more healthy?


  23. Rhoda says

    Grew up mixing our juices to the strange looks from others. Now mixing of juices is so commonplace. Love adding just a touch of pineapple juice to really special up a blend.


  24. Christie says

    I made a healthy version of punch last year for our Christmas eve brunch. The children chose it over the sodas. I have not made it since last year. I look forward to adding the seltzer to my own recipe. I so enjoy your website ! Thank you, again for another healthy and yummy recipe:)


  25. Pamela says

    I still drink Pepsi occasionally. It’s not the burn as much as it is the sweetness. I’ll only eat a salad for lunch if I can have a Pepsi with it. It’s a reward for eating salad. :)

    Well, now you know that some of us readers are definitely compromisers when it comes to food/drink! LOL :)


  26. Monika says

    This looks really good! I wonder what other kinds of juices would taste good? My middle daughter always throws up when she has grape juice, for some unknown reason.


    Stephanie Reply:

    Maybe apple? Grape juice is fairly similar to apple juice when you’re mixing it with something else.


  27. lyss says

    Nope, I don’t like “burn”. Guess I’m the weird one, but I’ve never really cared for sodas. I’m glad, though, because I know alot of people who are addicted to it.


  28. says

    We grew up fighting for the burn. We always gave dad the first drink from a can of Pepsi. He said nothing tasted better than the burn from the first drink from a can of Pepsi.
    This drink looks delish!


  29. Andrea says

    Me too! Sparkling juice is my favorite. If the seltzer waters it down too much, a few drops of Stevia help balance things again.


  30. Joy says

    I made this last night for a Christmas family game night. Everybody loved it! I will definitely be making it again. I couldn’t find 100% Cranberry Juice, just the cocktail, so I had to use that. : (


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